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Weed Withdrawals: What To Expect Your First 14 Days After Quitting Marijuana

You’ve identified that your relationship with weed is out of balance. You’ve made the decision to take an extended break and even made the...
2 min read

Why Quitting Weed Scared The F*** Outta Me

I think the most nefarious thing about cannabis is that it doesn’t ruin your life — it just dims your light over time. It’s...
4 min read

15 Reasons Why My Relationship With Marijuana Was Ruining My Life

Marijuana is neither good nor bad. It’s neutral. For centuries, native cultures across the world have used various forms of tobacco and marijuana in...
6 min read

The Devastating Effects “Suffering In Silence” Has On Men

I’d conservatively estimate that over 80% of the men I’ve coached over the years have been addicted to weed, porn, alcohol or a combination...
2 min read

What Buddhism Taught Me About My Relationship With Weed

First, some good news: you don’t have to quit cannabis forever to heal your relationship with it. My approach to quitting marijuana is not...
3 min read

How Addictive Is Marijuana, Really?

Let’s unpack today’s question: How addictive is marijuana, really? “You can’t really get addicted to marijuana.” This is what your friends and coworkers might...
3 min read