How I Made $10,000 In 5 Hours (A Big “A Ha” Moment)

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When I moved to Atlanta in 2010, I had nothing.

I mean NO-THING.

In my apartment, the only items bigger than a toaster were these two thrift store slingback chairs and a $5 folding card table from Walmart. All my money went to rent and a gym membership. I was working my ass off.

My ghetto ass chair. Atlanta. Circa 2010.

Slowly, I began to understand how to utilize my existing skills as a college prep tutor to make money on the side. Then, a single moment in 2013 transformed my entire life forever.

I strolled into the apartment, feeling like a G. Swagger must have been on 100 trillion. In my gorilla grip, I clutched one of those thick manilla envelopes.

You know, the kind with the little metal clasp to keep it closed.

Inside, it was loaded with DOZENS of checks in my name. And crispy hundred dollar bills, with the BIG faces. There was over $10,000 in there. And it was all mine.

I’d just made $10,000 in about 5 hours freelancing as a SAT instructor — and I really couldn’t believe it was happening.

But it was.

This type of money was UNFATHOMABLE to me, since I’d been working as a waiter before that.

(That was like 4 months’ worth of work at Longhorn Steakhouse, btw.)

And I’d made it in a single day, doing something that I loved, and was good at.

But here’s the catch…

I wasn’t able to make that much money because I became better at teaching students how to study. I was only 25 years old and I was not the most knowledgeable instructor, if I’m being completely honest.

The best instructors in the city were making $50-$80 an hr. That’s great money, but it’s still a grind. My approach was different. It was more strategic and yet much more straightforward.

Instead of acquiring individual clients one at a time…

I figured out how to get 30 students in a room at once — each paying me $350 for a 5 hr weekend workshop. With this approach, I could accomplish in 5 hrs what would take a significantly better instructor 100 – 200 hours of in-person work to accomplish.

(And that doesn’t even account for travel time!!)

THIS was the moment I realized that once your core competency is covered in business and you can deliver the product — the most important skill you can have above all else is SALES.

Understanding how to find people who need what you have and exchange their $$ for it. That’s the game.

Sales. If you don’t know it, you’re dead.

If you do, you’re set for life.

You can sell your own products or services.

You can sell for other people.

It’s a skillset that comes with a guaranteed blank check for the rest of your life, if you know how to use it wisely.

On Black Friday, I’m opening up a mini-course called Six-Figure Sales Skills For The Apocalypse.

Am I being a bit dramatic? Nah, I don’t think so!

This short and sweet program could be the difference between you succeeding in 2023 — and you living in a poverty prison and calling it a “business.” It’s all about sales — and how to make a metric f*ckton of money selling your products and services.

I’m opening up the waitlist now and only people on this list will have access to it during the Black Friday launch period. When it goes on sale after that, the price will double and bonuses go away.

(This is a course on sales, after all….)

Inside Six-Figure Sales Skills For The Apocalypse:

  • Learn the ultimate skill-set to succeed and thrive no matter what President is in office…even if gas is $17/gallon.
  • Keys to sell your products & services confidently via phone, email, text and in-person without being weird, sleazy or having to get naked.
  • Scripts, tools and video walkthroughs to turn your “strugglegrind” into a legit business. Real life examples, not hypothetical BS.
  • Make six-figures with great margins. Sleep well at night. Possibly have more sex?*

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, I HIGHLY recommend adding yourself to the waitlist here. It’s the only way to get in on the BFCM pricing and bonuses.

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